Meet the USeD project team

The USeD project got underway on the 1st of July, although it felt as though it had been running for a couple of weeks already.  Given the quite tight time scales that the project is set to run on, there has been a bit of negotiation to secure people’s time.  However, the project team is now in place and we have had a productive start up meeting.  More of that later, first lets introduce who will be working on the project.

Viv Carr – Viv is EDINA’s training officer and is the person who has the most face-to-face contact with users.  This makes her an ideal person for the USeD project as she has extensive knowledge about how users actually use our services. In addition to her role as a trainer, Viv has usability experience. In addition to testing several elements of the EDINA website, Viv has carried out usability testing on several EDINA projects and services, including NewsFilm Online, Tobar an Dualchais, JISC MediaHub and Jorum. In testing these sites, Viv has used a selection of usability testing methods, including paper prototyping, accompanied browsing and card sorting.

David Hamill – David is a usability expert and has been contracted to support the USeD project.  David worked as a usability expert for a large bank before moving into consultancy in 2007. He has worked for a range of clients including universities, banks and the BBC.  David will provide advice and guidance in best practice for the USeD project. You can find out more about David and his experience on his website.

Addy Pope – Addy works in the Geo division of EDINA and has a role as content manager for GoGeo and ShareGeo. In addition to this, he is part of the Geo-user support team and provides expert advice and creates learning material for all EDINA’s geo-services. Addy will be managing the USeD project.

Hiten Vaghmaria – Hiten has worked as a project manager on a number of projects at EDINA including Jorum and Mediahub.  Hiten has worked on usability studies for EDINA and the BBC, where he worked on the BBC Sports and Learning websites.






About Addy Pope

Addy is a member of the GeoData team at EDINA and work on services such as GoGeo, ShareGeo and the FieldtripGB app. Addy has over 10 years experience as a geospatial analyst. Addy tweets as @go_geo
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