Persona Interviews Underway

Not how we will be conducting the interviews..... we will have tea and coffee. (

This week the USeD team are busy conducting persona interviews to find out what type of users access the Digimap Data Downloader.  We have 20 people lined up.  The users were selected simply by sending an email to anyone who has used the download tool. We restricted the users to the Edinburgh and Glasgow regions purely for logistical reasons.  The range of institutions in this region should reflect the diversity across the rest of the country.

As part of the database mining to get user contact details we have extracted the number of times each user has downloaded data from the service.  This metric has been included as it was felt that it was important to get a good range of users.  We separated the users into two groups:

  • those that have used the downloader 5 times or less
  • those that have used it more than 5 times.

Ensuring that we have some users in each of these groups should ensure that we capture the spread of use without influencing or basing our personas.

The interviews should be finished by Thursday (4th August) and we have a brain-storming session scheduled for Friday the 5th August. We will post the persona interview script and the finalised personas at some point in the next couple of weeks.

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2 Responses to Persona Interviews Underway

  1. Thank you for the update on the interviews. While the blindfolding may seem a little extreme, the public should be pleased to see that JISC-funded projects never forget sartorial elegance. Anyway, I am looking forward to read about the progress of the work. Collecting, understanding and acting on user feedback is something that the sector could probably improve on, so it will be interesting to see how the project will translate this into development work.

  2. addy pope says:

    Reports should be up early next week. Sorry for the delay, holiday season.