USeD Budget and Risk Register


The USeD budget allocation is described in the chart below.

USeD Budget

A few aspects of the budget should be explained:

  • The project manager will also be working as a member of project staff and this is included in the project manager allocation
  • The Usability Expert is an external consultant. The consultant will be engaged on a “day-to-day” basis when needed. This is a change from the original project plan
  • A significant amount of the budget is to be used to design and develop the interface
  • “Non-Staff” costs include travel expenses and to cover expenses incurred for user engagement during UI testing.

Risk Register

The table below describes the risk associated with the USeD project.  2 months into the project and the staffing risk seems to have been the most obvious.  However, changes in the project team have not affected the progress of the project and may work in our advantage with more emphasis being placed in skill transfer from consultant experts to project staff.


Project Risks


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