UI Testing Round one

Test results - http://www.flickr.com/photos/14268930@N00/

So we have our Version 1, time to get some UI testing on it.  An interesting point came up at one of the JISC program meetings in August. I asked mc schraefel if was acceptable to use internal staff to do UI testing.  She said it was and it would be very useful to do an itiial review of the UI with the usability expert.  Organising external participants is time consuming and costly.  You don’t what to expend a massive amount of time and energy discovering obvious issues of an interface. Using the usability expert and internal testers would mean that when you engaged with external participants you had a fairly polished product and could really explore user traits.

Therefore, our first UI test for the new download interface was to pass it to our usability expert, David Hamill.  This had an added advantage of seeing how a usability expert appraises a UI and reports his  findings.  The USeD project team would have to collate and report UI findings from a number test a UI and this would help us decide how best to present our findings.

You will find the pdf report that David put together HERE.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14268930@N00/2626987066/

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