Downloader Version 2

Working on the recommendations from the first round of user testing (expert review by the usability expert), Version 2 of the Data Downloader has been developed.

Data Downloader Version 2

The main improvements that have been implimented include:

  • isolate the search and pan/zoom function
  • add select visible area button
  • tidy up the products list
  • increase the prominence of the “add to basket” button
  • add “on hover” functionality to the rubbish bin and the info icons, make them change colour so users notice them.

The next step is to carry out some UI testing on this interface.  Organising external staff / students is time consuming so it has been decided that for the first round of UI testing we will use EDINA staff.  We should be able to replicate the personas from staff as we have people with a mix of geo knowledge.  The other advantage of this is that we will be able to use this round of testing as a dry run and get the usability Expert to observe the tests.  We will then get feedback and tips on running a UI test and hopefully improve our technique so that we get more out of tests with external users.

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