Data Downloader Version 3

We have been working on the recommendations that came out of the second round of user testing (with internal EDINA staff) and Version 3 of the Data Download tool is ready to be road tested.

Data Downloader Version 3

The main changes include:

  • Moved the pan & zoom and the search buttons out of section 1 and put them just above the map.
  • Added Products selected count to Data subsections
  • Cleaned up the “Add to basket” section
  • “Add to Basket” button now flashed when users select data.  Then stays red.
  • When users select “Use Time name” the national grid reference numbers will be overlayed on the map
  • Cleaned up the Basket Window.
  • Added “Draw Visible Area” button to the select functions

Hopefully some of these changes will help users to navigate the interface and request data. Time will tell.


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