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Project Recap

With the USeD project drawing to a close it is a good time to recap on what we set out to achieve and how we went about it. Overview The USeD project aimed to improve the usability and learnability of … Continue reading

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Version 4 User Testing

The final round of interface testing will follow the same format as the previous sessions.  6 candidates will run through a series of tasks designed to test the usability of the interface.  Once again, candidates were selected from a list … Continue reading

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Data Downloader Version 3

We have been working on the recommendations that came out of the second round of user testing (with internal EDINA staff) and Version 3 of the Data Download tool is ready to be road tested. The main changes include: Moved the pan & zoom … Continue reading

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Downloader Version 2

Working on the recommendations from the first round of user testing (expert review by the usability expert), Version 2 of the Data Downloader has been developed. The main improvements that have been implimented include: isolate the search and pan/zoom function add select … Continue reading

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Technology Review

As part of the USeD project to re-engineer the data downloader in Digimap we conducted a thorough review of the technology currently being used in web mapping. The post is quite long, but should be quite easy to scan to … Continue reading

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