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Usability lab on a shoestring budget

Usability testing should be an important part of the development of any user interface. Ensuring that the interface is intuitive and easy to use is critical for its success. However, running usability sessions with real users often strikes fear into … Continue reading

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New Digimap Data Downloader – Version 1

After a considerable amount of deliberation and discussion the version 1 of the new digimap downloader is ready to be tested. ¬†Figure 1 shows the initial screen of the data downloader. ¬†This is dominated by a large map window surrounded … Continue reading

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Technology Review

As part of the USeD project to re-engineer the data downloader in Digimap we conducted a thorough review of the technology currently being used in web mapping. The post is quite long, but should be quite easy to scan to … Continue reading

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